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Are you looking for mortgage assistance? Do you need training or education for foreclosures? Do you want assistance with your current mortgage or foreclosure crisis? Do you live in Connecticut? We’re here to help! The Workplace is here to offer assistance with your mortgage crisis. Join our Mortgage Crisis Training Program to learn how to help your financial issues. Learm more about our program by visiting us online at today!

Connecticut homeowners facing foreclosure have options and resources. If loss of work, insufficient income, overwhelming medical bills, or other financial challenges are putting you at risk of losing your home, there are no-cost services available for households in jeopardy of foreclosure. Earning more could be the solution to avoiding foreclosure.

If you are behind on your mortgage payments, let us help you understand your options to stay in your home.  As soon as you realize you have a problem making your monthly mortgage payment, reach out.  If you are 60 days behind on payments, you can enroll in the Mortgage Crisis Job Training Program (MCJTP).  It will be the best decision you can make and one that may help you keep your home. A MCJTP Counselor will work with you to customize a solution that’s right for your individual situation.

There are clear links between training, employment and housing stability. The MCJTP has helped Connecticut residents stay in their homes since 2008 by enhancing job skills to improve earning potential and the ability to sustain a mortgage with affordable monthly payments. We work in partnership with Judicial Mediators, the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority and HUD approved housing counseling agencies.


Our staff meets with people across Connecticut.  Counselors provide one-on-one consultations to identify in-demand training opportunities to help you increase your job skills, advance your career and become more financially stable.

Eligible applicants must be 60 days or more past due on a mortgage for their primary residence in Connecticut and have an annual household income under $120,000 or demonstrate an imminent need for program services.


Hardships create difficult situations and can require difficult decisions, but you are not alone. The sooner you reach out, the more options you will have to work towards a resolution.  Let us help you to understand your current situation, explain your mortgage assistance options and review what documents you need to get started.


The program is offered at no cost through The WorkPlace in partnership with the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority, Capital Workforce Partners, and Connecticut’s workforce system.

The Workplace is located at:

1000 Lafayette Blvd Ste 501
Bridgeport, CT 06604

For more information about our mortgage crisis program or to apply to join our program, please visit us online at or contact us at 203-610-8500!