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Do you want to help bring awareness to the local community? Do you want to help us provide students with the resources they need to succeed? Do you live in the Newnan, GA area? Join the cause at Abby’s Angels Foundation and learn more about how you can help at!

Abby’s Angels Foundation was created in August 2013 to forever honor 9-year old Abby Bacho.With the assistance of guidance counselors and teachers, school supplies are provided to students with limited resources through Abby’s Closet. Like many young children, Abby loved the excitement of a new school year and choosing school supplies. Abby’s Closets are colorful nooks that give much more than the pencils, crayons, and notebooks they stock. These warm cheerful spaces also provide encouragement and inspiration to succeed. Abby’s Angels also spreads awareness and education of safe teen driving.

Our family and dear friends are lovingly making beautiful and symbolic Abby’s Angels Bracelets to raise funds and awareness for the Foundation. These bracelets are also an outward symbol of our faith and love of Abby. Heartfelt gratitude for all of the gestures of kindness and love shown to our family. Thank you for the continuing support and encouragement of Abby’s Angels Foundation.

To instill safe and responsible driving in teens, Abby’s Angel Foundation partners with Fear This 4 Life( This is a nonprofit organization that teaches accident avoidance skills. Two courses a year are offered in Newnan, GA.   Abby’s Angels Foundation contributes financially to offset the cost per registrant. Our goal is to offer these life saving driving skills to as many teens as possible. If you desire to enroll in the next course and need financial assistance, in addition to the decreased rate, please contact us at [email protected].

On December 22, 2012, the Bacho family, which consisted of Abby, her two sisters, her mother and father, and her grandfather, cherished a full day of activities. They had enjoyed the local roller skating facility, attended Mass and savored dinner out. As the day was coming to a close the family decided to partake in some tours of neighborhood homes adorned with festive Christmas lights… that’s when everything changed.

The Bacho family was involved in a horrifying car accident caused by a teen driver. Abby and her father were life-flighted to separate trauma hospitals in Atlanta. Abby’s father would remain in a medically induced coma for 4 weeks; however, gradually recovered. Our Abby would never recover from her injuries. Abigail Gracen Bacho became an Angel on Christmas Day.

Donate directly to the Abby’s Angels Foundation through our Donation Portal. You have the ability to make a one-time or a recurring donation and can pay by credit card. You can donate directly through our website at

Abby’s Angels Foundation is located at:

PMB 154, 1741 Newnan Crossing Blvd East, Suite O
Newnan, GA 30265

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