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Are you looking for a drug or DNA testing lab in the area? Do you need drug testing for your new job? Are you an employer looking for somewhere to drug test your employees? Do you need DNA testing? Are you on the Marietta, Georgia area? Choose Fastest Labs of Marietta! Visit us online at https://www.fastestlabs.com/marietta/ to find out why you should choose us as your premiere testing lab!

FastestLabs of Marietta has more than 10 years of experience in the lab testing industry, and in that time, we have developed a name for ourselves as the one-stop shop for our customers’ drug, alcohol, paternity, and DNA testing needs. Our certified collectors at Fastest Labs of Marietta are friendly and professional, and tailor their services to your exact needs. Whether you want to verify your child’s paternity, you need post-accident alcohol testing, or you are interested in setting up an ongoing random employee drug testing program, our technicians can help you with all of these tests and much more.

We are prepared to assist you with any of your lab testing needs in Marietta. Most of our tests are court-admissible and certified DOT-compliant, for your convenience. No matter your unique testing needs, our Marietta testing lab can help you achieve your goals. We offer high-quality tests and results you can trust, and our customer service is unmatched throughout the area.Our lab techs always show a professional willingness to serve everyone in such a manner that they feel that they have just experienced exceptional and meaningful care.

There are many reasons that individuals, parents, coaches, employers, and legal professionals may wish to conduct a drug, alcohol, or DNA test. Whether you are verifying the paternity of a child, testing an athlete on your sports team for steroid use, assisting a relative in the U.S. immigration process, or even seeking forensic DNA testing for a legal proceeding, the proper drug, alcohol, or DNA testing can make all the difference. No matter the reason you need testing services, FastestLabs of Marietta can help you find the perfect solution.

Our testing lab services include:

  • Individual Drug Testing
  • Individual Alcohol Testing
  • Individual DNA Testing
  • O.T. Testing
  • Employer Solutions
  • & Other Testing Services

Our complete range of testing services can detect short and long-term drug use, recent or previous alcohol consumption, and similarities in DNA that can indicate a direct or indirect familial relationship. We can even help you construct a DNA profile when an individual is uncooperative. And, with all our tests, we work hard to ensure the fastest wait times, quickest results, and unparalleled accuracy you need.

Fastest Labs of Marietta is located at:

2152 Northwest Pkwy SE, Suite K,
Marietta, GA 30067

For more information about our testing lab or to set an appointment, please call us directly at (770) 691-2215 or visit us online at https://www.fastestlabs.com/marietta/!