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Are you looking for a trusted tire shop in your area? Do you need tires replaced or a front end alignment? Are you looking to repair or replace your muffler? Do you live in the Batesville, Mississippi area? Choose Batesville Tire & Muffler! Find out why our tire shop has stood the test of time by visiting us online at http://www.batesvilletire.com!

Batesville Tire & Muffler originated in a little tire shop on the Square in Downtown Batesville, in the 1950’s. Founded by Hubert Swindle, he moved to its current location in 1975. His two sons, Mike & Ricky, were just kids when the store officially opened. They worked side by side with their father as the business continued to grow. Now the store is run by both of the sons. They strive to keep the same work ethics, business mindset and customer service that their Dad instilled in them for many, many years. For all their services, the family tradition continues!

If you need your tires replaced, have them replaced by a licensed dealer in Batesville. Our business is a licensed and national dealer for Michelin, Toyo Tires, Hankook, and BF Goodrich. We also serve and carry a wide variety of other brands to fit your tire replacement needs!

If your car is making loud noises, you may need to replace your muffler. If this is the case, our expert team here at Batesville Tire & Muffler care take care of it for you! Our expert technicians know the right tools to choose for your vehicle and know how to bend the pipes at the perfect angle for maximum efficiency. In addition to replacing a muffler, we also services with catalytic converters, dual exhausts, flow masters, custom pipe bending, and muffler repair.

Overcome that clicking noise your front wheel-drive car makes when you accelerate. The wheels of your front-drive vehicle are connected to the transaxle via axles that have constant-velocity-type universal joints at each end. There is an inner and outer joint on the left and right axles. Many times, the outer joints fail first because they run with the highest angularity. Don’t wait for more damages! Drive by today with your car to Batesville Tire & Muffler, LLC.

Batesville Tire & Muffler offers services in:

  • Tires
  • Mufflers
  • Brakes
  • Air Conditioning
  • Front-End Service
  • Alignments
  • Oil Changes
  • & More

Batesville Tire & Muffler is located at:

296 Highway 6 West
Batesville, MS

For a full list of what Batesville Tire & Muffler can offer to you or to reach out to us directly to schedule your next tire replacement appointment with tire shop, please contact us directly at 662-563-3856 or visit us online at http://www.batesvilletire.com!