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Are you looking for a doctor who specializes in medical weight loss? Are you looking for primary care in your area? Interested in telehealth? Do you live in the Mount Laurel, New Jersey area? Come to Paramount Medical Health Center! Find out why so many have trusted Dr. Ishola with all their weight loss and primary care needs by visiting us online at today!

At Paramount Medical Health Center, we know there is no single path to long-term health care maintenance. We abide by the scientific fact that weight loss results from fewer calories ‘in’ and more calories ‘out.’ But there are so many additional, unique variables that must be taken into account for each person striving to achieve a healthy weight in the long term, ranging from medical conditions to metabolism to behavioral and lifestyle choices and habits.­­­

Our programs and medical services acknowledge and serve your health needs, also treat the unique, very personal challenges every person looking to lose weight faces. Our belief is that because weight by its very nature is a medical issue, there is no better person to help people achieve their weight loss goals than a medical provider.

Dr. Nusirat Ishola is a board-certified family practitioner, who specializes in primary care issues for children and adults with extensive training on preventive care. Her specialty includes treatment of chronic health conditions such as Hypertension, Obesity, Diabetes, Asthma, Thyroid disease etc. Not only does she provide her patients with incomparable weight loss solutions, but also provides a variety of standard medical services to the community, such as CDL physicals, sports physicals, and medical consultations. Dr. Ishola encourage anyone interested in Medical Weight Loss treatments to schedule a consultation with her. You can achieve your health care goals in a safe and healthy way with Dr. Ishola!

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