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Are you looking for an infant or childhood daycare program? Are you looking for a trusted preschool for your child’s early education? Do you want to find a high-quality early childhood education school nearby? Do you live in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area? Come to Your Child’s World! Find out more about our programs, locations and teachers by visiting us online at today!

Established in 1997 by twin sisters’ Rachel and Lisa from humble beginnings. As parents themselves, they knew firsthand the plight of working families and the support needed to raise positive, bright and inquisitive children. It’s safe to say that they decided to do something about it. After opening their 3rd and largest location, providing educational and childcare services to over 500 children per year, a worldwide pandemic hit. These ladies were able to weather the storm and offer virtual services as well as home delivery of materials and meals thanks to the dedication of their loyal staff and community supporters.

Your Child’s World is committed to providing a safe and affordable high quality educational experience, Support and encourage healthy families by providing educational, counseling, housing and financial resource referrals when needed.

Children in our Young Toddler program are always encouraged to learn through play. Our educators are trained to observe and report about your child’s development and track milestones in how they learn, speak, behave, as well as their physical abilities such as crawling, walking, or jumping.

Our Older Toddlers generally have a deeper sense of independence, our educators create age-appropriate programming and provide open space to develop a wide range of motor skills like kicking a ball in the air, jumping, running, or balancing.

Toddlers learn and develop many skills through play, taking turns gives them an understanding of kindness, playing make believe allows their imagination to soar, sorting objects by shape and color helps them to think critically.

Our Pre-K programs introduce math and science skills through hands on projects and activities that excite and engage our preschoolers. We put a large focus on developing great reading habits that lead to good language and communication skills by providing early reading curriculum that introduce history and literature. We provide supporting material that goes home with each child in an effort to prepare children for kindergarten and the academic expectations that are attached.

Your Child’s World is located at:

2400-2406 S 71st Street
Philadelphia, PA 19142

For more information regarding our childhood daycare and preschool child education services, please visit us online at or call us at 443-561-5796 today!