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Are you looking for a new Nationwide agent or insurance agent? Do you need affordable collision coverage and other important insurance policies at affordable prices? Do you live in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area? Choose the Willie Manley Agency! Contact us directly at 215-927-1490 for more information about how we can help you!

The Willie Manley Agency has been serving hundreds of families in the tri-state area for over 15 years. Our specialty is protecting all that is important to you and providing that on your side service you have come to expect. The Willie Manley Agency is licensed in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania area. We offer auto insurance, life insurance, home insurance, and business insurance.

Just as not all vehicles are the same, not all auto insurance policies are the same. Willie Armstrong-Manley specializes in creating auto insurance plans unique to your driving conditions and the demands of Philadelphia. As a representative of Nationwide, you can rest knowing that your automobile is covered.

For years, Willie Manley Agency & Associates, Inc. has been helping homeowners safeguard their most valuable possessions. We are a fully licensed Nationwide Insurance agency, and when you allow us to provide you with home insurance, you will be gaining access to some of the best customer service in the country. Nationwide home insurance protects your home in the event of theft, natural disaster, water backup, and other occurrences. Our insurance policies not only have the ability to protect your home and other structures on your property, but they also extend coverage to the items inside of your home that you worked so hard to acquire.

We at Willie Manley Agency & Associates, Inc. proudly work with residents in the Philadelphia area. We want to make sure you have the type and amount of coverage you need so that you and your family are prepared for any eventuality. We will explain in understandable language term versus permanent insurance and we will discuss the types of life insurance that can best fit your needs.

You don’t have to go it alone when it comes to finding the perfect business insurance policy for your company. Nationwide works with Willie Manley Agency & Associates, Inc. and Willie Armstrong-Manley in order to help you find the best policy that not only meets your business needs, but also your budget. From start to finish, we walk you through the entire process.

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