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Do you need a car alarm system for your car? Are you looking for a remote starter? Are you looking for some car audio accessories for your vehicle? Do you live in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area? Choose Alarmtronix! Find out why we are Milwuakee’s most trusted remote starter and car alarm system installer by visiting us online at!

Milwaukee’s most trusted car alarm system installer! We proudly serve residents of Milwaukee, WI, and all the surrounding areas. We carry the best in high-quality remote starters, car alarms, and stereos, as well as door lock installations, key-less entry and much more. We service trucks, cars and SUV’s. We stand by our products, so you can feel confident in the quality of our work.

Over 1 million vehicles will be stolen this year. Don’t be a statistic – so called “factory security” simply does not provide the protection you need to keep your vehicle and its contents safe. We have over 30 years’ experience in the business so we know how to keep your vehicle safe.

Whether you need a car alarm is up to you, but depending on where you live and the auto theft rate in your area might help you make your decision. Many people won’t make the decision to purchase an alarm until they have already become an auto theft victim once or multiple times.

Car alarms have come a long way through the years. Aftermarket car alarms have sophisticated technology such as remote starters and two-way pagers that will alert you when the alarm is going off. Alarms are just as popular as ever, so make sure you are alerted if your vehicle is being broken into.

Remote starts that work when you need them. Installed and explained buy employees with experience. You can chose to lock unlock and start your car by remote or cell phone. New warm weather prices all ready available. Upgrades available at a low cost. 40 Years of customer and electronics experience for all questions. For the best installations we require a 4 hour installation drop off.

Imagine getting into a warm car every cold winter morning, this is possible with remote starters professionally installed by Alarmtronix. No matter what vehicle make or model, we will have many different types of remote starters that you can choose from. You can even start your car from your smart phone from the warmth of your home or office.

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For more information about our car alarm systems or remote starters or to schedule an appointment contact us at 414-645-4477 or visit us online at!